Student Success

IUPUI Sports Management Student Success

When you choose IUPUI to study sports management, your career options become limitless. We have students landing roles in a variety of positions and levels nationwide.

Your future success involves learning directly from faculty members who are Ph.D. prepared and have worked and published in the industry. In our program, you learn from educators, not graduate assistants. These faculty members are not just in an office somewhere that you can't find. They are teaching you, guiding you, and investing their time along with you to help you achieve your success. 

You also have the chance to network with, volunteer for, and land internships at high-profile sports organizations. Indy is one of the nation's premier sports hubs, home to amateur sports organizations, the NCAA headquarters, and NFL and NBA teams. The city also stages world-class events such as Final Four and LPGA tournaments and was home to the 2012 Super Bowl. 

What does this mean for you? This city--Indy--is truly your backyard learning lab. While students at other universities spend time tailgating at sporting events, you will learn to plan them and prepare yourself for a lifetime career in your passion--sports.