Faculty connections enable alumni like Darren Stillson to land jobs after graduation

Part of the reason the sports management program at IUPUI can set students up for success is the connections the faculty have in a sports-rich environment like Indianapolis.

Darren Stillson, a 2016 graduate of the program, knows the benefits of those connections perhaps better than anyone. He used them to get an internship with the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and now works full time for them fulfilling a variety of roles.

“The IUPUI sports management program prepared me tremendously for starting my career by putting me in the right place and giving me the correct connections that allowed me to start a career in sports," Stillson said. “Without the sports management program, I would have never landed an internship with the IHSAA during my senior year.”

Those are experiences that you are unable to find anywhere else when preparing for your future career in sports.