Indy Sports Poll

SII's Indy Sports Poll

The Indy Sports Poll takes the temperature of central Indiana residents on important issues related to sports. With sports contributing $3.4 billion annually to the local economy, the poll allows residents the chance to weigh in on important policy questions concerning a central component to the local economy.

In 2018, the central Indiana community weighed in on sports betting.    Read more


The Sports Innovation Institute partners with Qualtrics to find an online sample of respondents to complete the survey questions. Respondents are paid by Qualtrics to complete all of the questions in the survey.

Three questions are asked at the start of the survey to ensure respondents live in the Indianapolis area, are willing to give their best answers, and represent a mix of sports and non-sports fans in the community. Qualtrics collects answers from respondents until the requested number is reached. Only respondents who completed all of the questions are paid and included in the study.

The margin of error for the results is 4%.

Impact, Insight, and Analysis

We've analyzed the data to inform policy and decisions for a variety of stakeholders. Read stories about our findings.