Motorsports Marketing

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) School of Physical Education and Tourism Management designed an interdisciplinary course to further student learning outcomes in the sports marketing field. The course was conceived in collaboration with the Champions Racing Association (CRA) located in Salem, Indiana. The purpose of this course was to give students an opportunity to complete a field experience developing the brand of a motor sports team. The class delivered a media kit and sponsorship analysis to the client as well as implementing a philanthropic campaign that generated more than one million views through television, print media and social media outlets.

Learning Objectives

  1. Analyze current brand image and develop a strategy that would enhance the brand.
  2. Conduct a media audit to assess media penetration and compose a media relations strategy.
  3. Research, analyze and identify potential sponsors then generate a sponsorship proposals for those with the highest potential.
  4. Design, coordinate and execute two events with a delivered promotional item that enhances the fan experience.
  5. Create and manage all social media campaign strategies.
  6. Create and distribute post-event press releases.
  7. Create a media list for all racing markets on the schedule.
  8. Immersion into the racing culture to learn dialogue, history, trends and governing body rules.
  9. Complete a goals assessment for the driver and team then making goal recommendations for 2015.


  • Media Kit
  • Social Media Renovations
  • Philanthropic marketing campaign
  • 3 sponsorship analyses
  • 84 Press releases
  • 2 television appearances (Fox 59, WFFT)
  • 4 published articles through 4 different publications (Late Model Racer Magazine, Anderson Herald Bulletin, National Speed Sport News, Champions Racing News)
  • 1 National Youth Determination Award from United Brachial Plexus Network (UBPN) charity