Enhancing the Visitor Experience at Grand Park

Undergraduate students in Dr. David Pierce’s capstone sport management consulting class were tasked with enhancing the visitor experience at Grand Park in Westfield. Using the principles of design thinking, students collected observation and interview data from youth sports travelers at the 400-acre sports megaplex in Westfield, Indiana. Armed with this data, students developed innovative solutions for how Grand Park could enhance the youth sports travel experience for coaches, families, and players. Students designed prototypes for the followings concepts:
Students in Dr. David Pierce's P432 - Senior Capstone course had the opportunity to utilize design thinking and solve real-world problems for Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield, Indiana.

Description of the video:

David Pierce, Ph.D.: So from the capstone showcase, our goal is to have students just have the opportunity to kind of tell their story about what they’ve worked on all semester.

Student 1: One of the projects for the class was to redesign the youth sport experience for Grand Park up in Westfield, Indiana.

Student 2: We were partnered with Grand Park to bring a new kind of experience.

Pierce: Their ears are open to the innovative ideas that the students are creating.

Student 3: We went to Grand Park and observed the soccer fields and the baseball diamonds.

Student 1: The backstop was brick and it was like 49 inches high and so if you set on the first or second row of the bleachers you can’t see.

Student 3: Basically what we came up with was a catwalk.

Student 1: People can walk up on the catwalk, look at this game, look at that game.

Student 2: So Capture is a app that lets you have mini highlight reel of your son or daughter playing. We want to give a quality product to users to enhance their experience and it’s great because it gives families memories that they can hold on to.

Student 1: William Knox, who’s the facility director at Grand Park, he’s come today, so we’re going to kind of pitch our idea to him so we wanted to make sure we had our ducks in a row.

Student 2: It’s cool to see the progression from the slow build up all the way up to our projects that we are presenting today to Grand Park.

Student 1: Basically the whole semesters we’ve been building up to this day.

Student 3: It was a lot of work but we enjoyed it and I love my group.

Student 2: Being in the IUPUI Sports Management field, being downtown in Indianapolis, it’s just a great opportunity to have access to all these local teams.

Student 1: You’re not just another student, you’re going to get that one-on-one.

Student 3: Our program emphasizes volunteering with different sport organizations, and by that I’ve been able to work with the Indy Fuel and the Indianapolis Colts.

Student 1: They’re really big on getting out in the local community and getting our name out there.

Student 3: IUPUI has been great.

Student 1: IUPUI’s faculty for the Sports Management department, in my opinion, is awesome.

William Knox: This project that they’re working on on behalf of Grand Park is the first step of many to getting them down the path where they’re successful in this industry.

Concept 1

Group 1 project example
A catwalk that rises above four baseball diamonds to provide scouts and families a better elevated view of the action

Concept 2

Group 2 project example
A videography service that captures highlights from game action and delivers content through a custom app

Concept 3

Group 3 project example
Cabanas that can be rented by teams and families to create the feeling of a “tournacation” and provide a place to go during the extended periods of downtime that occur in youth sports tournaments

Concept 4

Group 4 project example
The “Grand Lounge” entertainment center where athletes and families can spend downtime in an relaxing environment

Concept 5

Sponsor activation through the development of a virtual gift bag that provides visitors with important information on restaurants and entertainment activities in the local community

Concept 6

Group 6 project example
Addition of healthier food options at concessions stands through the use of a “grab and go” kiosk.