Collaborating to Create

Interdisciplinary Capstone Creates Innovative Solutions for Incrediplex

Five students in Dave Pierce’s capstone course partnered with five student groups in the capstone course for the interior design major in the School of Engineering and Technology. The students were tasked with redesigning the lobby at the Incrediplex, a 200,000 square-foot sports and entertainment center on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

Prior to meeting with their interior design groups, the sport management students conducted empathy research at Incrediplex to help frame the problems they wanted solve in the lobby. Chief amongst those problems was the lack of identity created for the facility with the entry moment. They presented their research to their interior design peers to make sure the new lobby space met user needs. This allowed the groups to push forward with ideation sessions to boldly redesign the lobby the needs of the user in mind.

Current Incrediplex Lobby

With the interior design students leading the charge on changing the design of the space, the sport management students took leadership on the business model behind the idea. Common themes for the design of the space for most of the groups included a space for Instagrammable and other social media moments; sports-themed floor design to help with wayfinding; a place to quickly change into athletic wear and back again; locker storage for convenient safety of items; interactive spaces showcasing athletes who train at Incrediplex; a trophy case that divides entry and exit traffic. 

View the slide show below for concepts presented to Incrediplex by students. 

Student Concepts Presented to Incrediplex

A trophy cases divides entry and exit traffic.
A space for Instagrammable moments.
A track-themed entry to direct people to the entry.
A place to quickly change into athletic wear and back again.
Locker storage for convenient safety of items.
Showcasing athletes who train at Incrediplex through interactive spaces.
Listen to John Gullion, General Manager at Incrediplex, talk about the project and results this semester.

Description of the video:

Question: What challenge did you want students to attack this semester?

John Gullion: Yes, I wanted them to be able to come in and create some type of a WOW factor in or lobby. As you come into incrediplex we’re wanting to add that experience of a customer to be just over the top as they first walk into our facility.

Q: What were your initial reactions to what was presented today?

John: WOW, it was amazing collaboration and we couldn’t have been more thrilled of the results that we saw today. Amazing work.

Q: What from the presentation excited you the most?

John: I think some of the things as far as the split entrance and as far as coming in as a clear entrance and exit. Also some of the creativity versus social media components in the lobby. A lot of different pictures and different things that highlight the people who have actually come into our facility and the different things that we offer within our facility.

Q: What benefits do you see to having sports management and interior design students collaborate on a challenge like this?

John: You’re getting the best of both worlds. You’re getting the top students in the sports industry to kind of see what we’re all about here at incrediplex but then you get the expertise of the people from the design to come through and put the fine components in as far as all the detail work whether it be the lighting or flooring. There’s a lot of amazing work and room for them  to work hand-in-hand. It greatly benefits us as a business.

Q: What would you say the others in the industry who are considering working with IUPUI Sports Innovation Institute?

John: They need to do it. It’s amazing and the benefits that help your business is flat amazing. We were presented today with what was beyond expectation and it’s amazing work and I would say don’t hesitate at all. Get involved today.