Sports Innovation Journale

The Sport Innovation Journal is dedicated to exchanging the latest academic research and practical findings on all aspects of sport innovation. Sport is an increasing area of interest to innovation researchers’ due to the growth of the sports industry and its impact on other sectors of the economy. Sport is viewed as a multidisciplinary field that includes various sub-disciplines such as sport science, engineering, business, management, technology, tourism, informatics, computer science, art and design, sport for development, sociology, psychology, and philanthropy, among others. Yet, there remains a lack of conceptual and applied analytical understanding of this research area even with its multidisciplinary reach. There is a large body of knowledge about innovation but less is known from a specific sport perspective.

The aim of this journal is to bring together the fields of innovation and sport by publishing a variety of different material from variety of disciplines focusing on the relationship between sport and innovation. As defined by Bement, Dutta and Patil (2015), innovation creates societal value through an existing or new product, process, or service…” .  Sport innovation therefore would encompass new products, processes or services designed to add value.  The journal publishes scholarly and practitioner-oriented papers, case studies, book reviews, thought provoking papers, original research, and conceptual papers. As well as, review papers (theoretical explorations of a subject), white papers (short to the point empirical explorations), and publications that demonstrate creative explorations of how a scholar worked with the industry.

The Sport Innovation Journal will be apart the Indiana University Open Access Journals, which allows for individuals to download journal entries. The editors of the Sport Innovation Journal welcome submissions from researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of fields, particularly those that probe the relationships and interdependencies among innovation and sport.

Areas of Coverage

  • Innovation processes, methods, programming, and techniques throughout sports
  • Innovation’s role in the creation of new products that enhance performance and physical activity
  • Innovations in service delivery that enhance the fan experience
  • The individual and/or organization’s role in innovation
  • Innovation in HR, marketing, finance, or other disciplines that enable innovation throughout sports
  • Systemic processes that stimulate innovation in an organization or industry
  • Sport innovation practices in specific industries or countries
  • Regional or national economic development related to sport innovation
  • Innovation competencies, training, and skills
  • Innovation in leadership, corporate social responsibility, sport for development, branding, data analytics, and sales management that enable innovation in sports
  • Growing sport innovation through university programs