Profile of the Indy Sports Fan: Sports Consumption Habits

Sports plays an important role in the fabric of life in central Indiana. After a recent poll of 500 sports fans in central Indiana, a distinct question arises: How do Indy sports fans consume sports news?

The analysis of the poll shows the things the majority of Indy sports fans do at least twice a week, don’t do, and do irregularly. Comparisons were also made across a variety of different demographic groups.

The analysis found that 78 percent of Indy sports fans watch live sporting events on television and that 63 percent get their sports news from television or radio.  Indy sports fans are not shy about sharing what they learn either as 62 percent of respondents talk about sports with friends. The pride of Indianapolis sports fans shows in consumption habits as promoters are twice as likely to watch, talk, and listen to sports news as detractors.

Just slightly under half of Indy sports fans get their sports news from the sports pages of the newspaper, with Boomers, males, and promoters being the most likely to read on a daily basis.

Indy sports fans seem to have stayed away from the international phenomena that is fantasy sports. A majority of respondents (64 percent) said they never play season-long fantasy sports and 72 percent never play daily fantasy sports like FanDuel or DraftKings.

Do you see any similarities between these results and your consumption habits? Check out the infographic to see a more in-depth breakdown of the data.

Sports consumption of the Indy sports fan slide